Fukuro will bring their beautifully serene, jazzy, and energetic sound to the United States with a West Coast tour in July 2024!

The band will have their first international performances, starting with a show at the Silverlake Lounge in Los Angeles on July 8. Then, they will perform at The Ivy Room in San Francisco on July 10, before concluding their overseas tour at the Brick by Brick in San Diego on July 12.

Their first performance in Los Angeles is scheduled for the day following Anime Expo 2024, an annual convention celebrating Japanese pop culture. Why not extend your stay and attend their show? Fukuro hopes to meet some Mexican fans attending their final date in San Diego.

To commemorate the announcement, vocalist and frontman Yoshiatsu had this to say:

This is Yoshiatsu from Fukuro. I’m finally going to be able to bring our music outside of Japan. We needed a lot of time to prepare to be able to put this together. At last, the world has become a place where I am able to meet all of you. Hello!

Further details on Fukuro’s US West Coast Tour will be announced later. In the meantime, follow the band Fukuro on X and promoter Japan Music Revolution for announcements regarding the tour, ticket sales, and other updates.

This news comes hot off the heel of the band releasing their first album titled Minority Minority on October 23. The album features songs from previously released music videos such as BitterChoco and Gekkou.

🗓 Date📍 Location🌎 Country🎶 Venue
July 08
Los Angeles, CA🇺🇸 United StatesSilverlake Lounge
July 10
San Francisco, CA🇺🇸 United StatesThe Ivy Room
July 12
San Diego, CA🇺🇸 United StatesBrick By Brick
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  1. 夜行
  2. アルバスの旅
  3. 猫
  4. MOM!
  5. テキサスホールデムポーカー
  6. 「BitterChoco」
  7. 罪の中、夜の中
  8. 「月光」
  9. ららら
  10. 誰も救えない歌だとしても
  11. ヒーローごっこ
  12. "Beep"
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