On October 8, Fukuro (梟) released a new music video Gekkou (月光) alongside the announcement of its first full album, Minority Minority (マイノリティ・マイノリティ), scheduled to release October 23.

The album Minority Minority is set to release October 23 and will include 12 tracks in total, featuring the previously released song BitterChoco, and the newly unveiled, Gekkou. Based on these previous releases, we can expect Minority Minority to feature a collection of tracks, from upbeat and jazzy tunes with a huge emphasis on groove to slower, more introspective tracks packed with emotion.

If you happen to be in the Tokyo area, be sure to catch the release talk event scheduled for October 23 at Nakano Space Q.

梟 -「月光」(Official Music Video)

In addition to the announcement of the first full album, Fukuro also released a new music video for the song Gekkou featured on the upcoming album.

The music video contains monotone imagery with the band wearing black suits, playing in front of a pure white background. In direct contrast to the band members, a woman wearing a white dress is placed between the members, with characters coming up to her and pouring black and white liquid over her head.

The band members’ movements synchronize with the music, featuring abrupt, staccato actions during the verses that intensify during the choruses. The new song Gekkou is hugely dynamic, with minimalist verses which burst into emotionally packed choruses and chaotic interludes, which we can’t wait to hear more of in the release of Minority Minority.

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  1. 夜行
  2. アルバスの旅
  3. MOM!
  4. テキサスホールデムポーカー
  5. 「BitterChoco」
  6. 罪の中、夜の中
  7. 「月光」
  8. ららら
  9. 誰も救えない歌だとしても
  10. ヒーローごっこ
  11. "Beep"
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