Fukuro’s mini-album Hoshi Naki Yoru arrives on June 18, featuring stripped-back acoustic versions of both past and present songs. The six-song tracklist contains an acoustic version of its newest song, BitterChoco, a piano version of its song Seppun, and more! On that note, the band has uploaded a preview showcasing an excitingly fresh perspective on such songs.

【2023.06.18 RELEASE!!】梟 Acoustic Album「星なき夜」Teaser Trailer

One such perspective from Hoshi Naki Yoru is the greatly heightened emotive qualities of the fourth song, Vinyl Children (Acoustic ver.). The emphasis comes with the combination of pianist Daisuke’s twinkling piano playing and vocalist Yoshiatsu’s piercing vocals. This is followed by the song Seppun (Piano ver.) which sheds its retro and jazz influences, transforming the composition into a captivating and unique rendition that stands on its own. Take a listen and compare for yourself!

The band also dropped a multi-angle music video for the original version of its newest song, BitterChoco. The music video follows the band members in black suits and ties with gifts in hand on their way to a date.

梟 -「BitterChoco」(Official Music Video)

They also revealed their smart and stylish artist photos to accompany the music video for BitterChoco.

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  1. Dorobo no Machi (Acoustic ver.)
    泥棒のマーチ (Acoustic ver.)
  2. NEO TOKYO (Acoustic ver.)
    NEO TOKYO (Acoustic ver.)
  3. BitterChoco (Acoustic ver.)
    「BitterChoco」(Acoustic ver.)
  4. Vinyl Children (Acoustic ver.)
    ビニールチルドレン (Acoustic ver.)
  5. Seppun (Piano ver.)
    「接吻」(Piano ver.)
  6. Ningen Janai (Acoustic ver.)
    人間じゃない (Acoustic ver.)
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