Tsuzuri debuts with single “Uraomote” and provides opening theme song titled, “NAME”, for anime “Suki na Ko ga Megane wo Wasureta” (The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses).

Singer Tsuzuri () makes her debut with the first digital single “Uraomote” (ウラオモテ), released on May 10.

Providing a soft and funky sound, with Tsuzuri sophisticated vocals, Uraomote is notably composed and arranged by Giga. Giga is of course responsible for many of Reol‘s DTM (electronic) songs, and other big-hit tracks like “Odo” and “CH4NGE“.

At the day of the debut, the music video for Uraomote was released, with visuals created by the animator tag team Hissha and Okiku, using the artwork by Tabun-ningen.

As for the lyrics, they are by Tanaka (previously known as Boku no Lyric no Boyomi) who is now in the group Dios.

【綴】ウラオモテ(作曲/編曲:Giga 作詞:たなか)

Currently, at the age of 16, Tsuzuri has already gained a significant following online with her cover videos of Vocaloid and Japanese pop songs on platforms such as YouTube and TikTok, with over 50,000 subscribers on YouTube alone.

To commemorate the release of her debut digital single and subscriber milestone, three cover songs from her YouTube channel were released simultaneously as digital singles. They include: “Cat Loving” (Kashi Moimi), “In The Bathroom” (REISAI), and “Darling” (MARETU).

Impressively, Tsuzuri is selected to perform the opening theme song titled “NAME” for the upcoming romance anime series, “Suki na Ko ga Megane wo Wasureta” (The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses).

The song is composed by Shouta Horie (also known as kemu) from PENGUIN RESEARCH, with lyrics provided by DECO*27. The anime will start to air in Japan later in July.

A short preview of the song NAME can be heard in the second promotional video for the anime.


With the release of Uraomote and an anime theme song milestone, Tsuzuri is off to an amazing start. Let’s see what the future brings.

About Tsuzuri

Tsuzuri is a young female singer who began her music journey by posting covers on YouTube when she was just 13 years old. Her cover of “Odo” went viral and has since garnered over 700,000 views. Despite her young age, she has already gained over 50,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel.

What sets Tsuzuri apart is her impressive vocal abilities and her versatility in adapting to different genres. She can sing a range of styles, from dark and moody to upbeat pop and dance tracks. While balancing her music career with her studies, she is also a member of a high school unit called GooDrug.

Aside from singing, Tsuzuri also has a knack for illustration and video editing, showcasing her diverse talents. She made her major debut by performing the opening theme song for the anime series, “Suki na Ko ga Megane wo Wasureta” (The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses).

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