The music video for Kizu’s new song “Ame Otoko” premiered on YouTube on March 2. While the band has never been afraid of exploring dark concepts, this time they take us on an emotional journey of remorse that comes with a conceptual visual twist.

The video opens onto the scene of a glass partition, the kind that separates visitors from criminals in prison, a continuation of the theme from their 2022 music video “Milk”. The room is dark and empty except for a single pistol, until the vocalist LiME appears.

キズ「雨男」MV FULL ver.

The song “Ame Otoko” is heavy with melancholy and LiME’s vocals soar with feeling, evoking a longing for a chance at redemption. The scenes transition between LiME in the dark, sometimes pointing the pistol at himself, to all the members performing in a sunlit forest, the ground covered in bright white snow.

The Japanese phrase “ame otoko” translates to “rain man” and refers to a man who always seems to bring the rain wherever he goes. However, the music video brings a new visual twist to the concept. As the song crescendos, instead of plain rain drops, black rain begins to fall on the members, tainting both them and the white snow around them. Darkness falls and everything fades to black as LiME lies alone in the snow.

It has not yet been announced if “Ame Otoko” will be released as a single, however it will be included with their Live DVD “Sora no Nai Hito”, which will be available on March 22.

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