Pay money To my Pain teased on December 30, 2022, that something will be announced on January 4, 2023. Today, the band reveals the digital EP “Orange Ave.“, deliberately on the birthday of the deceased vocalist “K” (Gotou Kei), rather than on the day he passed, December 30.

The digital EP consists of old nostalgic song with K on vocals. It packs four songs from the old days when Pay money To my Pain had barely taken shape, back when you could access the music through the social media platform MySpace. Notably, the songs aren’t released under Pay money To my Pain, but rather under the artist K.

Kihiro (from +ELEVEN, LOKA, Supe), who worked on and participated in the EP, mentions how he and Aki wanted to release the EP as a celebration of K’s life on his birthday.

Instead of using it as a day of remembrance, Aki and I want to celebrate K’s life on his birthday. So this is a present from us and the people that helped us get this released.

He continues by explaining the reason they chose the title Orange Ave.:

It’s named after where Aki’s home studio was. Also, K lived in Orange County.

We tried to leave the sound as it was when it was recorded.

It is the music we made before ptp really took off.

Happy Birthday bro

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It has already been 11 years since the world lost K at the age of 31 due to acute heart failure. The sudden circumstance was built up by mental disease that in result yielded poor physical condition.

The release of Orange Ave. has only been out for a few hours at this point, but it’s already clear by the overwhelming response of the fans on social media that K left an everlasting imprint.

We’ll sign off by sharing Pay money To my Pain’s most popular music video “Pictures”, with over 6 million views:

Pay money To my Pain - PICTURES (Music Video)

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  1. Aquarius
  2. Flavor Of Shadow
    Flavor Of Shadow
  3. All I Know About You
    All I Know About You
  4. Still (feat.KIHIRO)
    Still (feat.KIHIRO)
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