KIHIRO, former vocalist of loud rock bands LOKA and Supe is entering the cyberpunk space with a new band called “+ELEVEN” (plus eleven). Joining him on this new adventure is main composer SOH, and drummer SION, both of which also sport an impressive background with association to acts such as BABYMETAL, EXILE tribe, and even the game company Nintendo.

The interesting band name “+ELEVEN” stems from how the number 10 typically is considered the highest number on the scale. As the band is at 11, they’re “one step ahead of 10”, which implies that they’re “above perfection”. It also represents a “new era”.

+ELEVEN describes its music as a combination of genres that include modern electro sounds of cyberpunk, drum and bass, and future bass. The combination of all that is then carried out with a metal sound.

If you wonder what the combination outputs, check out the preview of the demo single DIRTY SAINT’S in the video below. To listen to the full version of DIRTY SAINT’S and the latest single REFLECTIONS, head to +ELEVEN’s official website.

Currently, the band is gearing up for its first live show titled “Bitch Next” (ビッチネクスト) that will take place on November 22 at Zirco Tokyo. Guesting are JAWEYE, and THE GAME SHOP, along with T-AK as the floor DJ. If you’re interested in attending the show, grab your tickets at eplus.

About +ELEVEN members


SION is a 25-year-old next-generation drummer who has played drums for a variety of major Japanese artists. He has participated in the solo live shows of EXLIE tribe, THE RAMPAGE, and ATSUSHI, and in April 2022, he wrote, arranged, and recorded two songs for EXILE ATSUSHI’s solo album. He also participated in the recording of female singer BENNIE K. While the core of the band is FUNK and R&B style drums, he also plays difficult and speedy metal drums that make a roaring sound when played, and his versatility and ability to support live performances as a keyboardist are attracting attention in the industry.


KIHIRO, who laid the foundation of “loud rock” even before the genre itself was established, has played 500 concerts in the U.S. with his former band Supe, and has appeared at festivals and conventions in 11 European countries, Southeast Asia, and South America with LOKA, and has greatly influenced contemporary Japanese rock as a pioneer of “re-import bands” and “Japanese bands active overseas”. The band has had a major impact on contemporary Japanese rock music as a pioneer of “reimported bands” and “Japanese bands that are active overseas”.


SOH, the band’s main composer, has worked on game music for Nintendo and KONAMI, as well as various compositions and musical activities, before signing a contract with Warner Music and later moving to Victor to establish a label with Dragon Ash. He participated in the production of BABYMETAL’s debut song, Noboru Uesugi’s (ex-WANDS) and “Kuzu”‘s (Hiroyuki Miyasako and Tomomitsu Yamaguchi) music.He has also been involved in the production of music for anime works by Shoji Kawamori of the Macross series, as well as other dramas and movies.He is a multi-producer with a wide range of experience.

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