The gathering event Emo Night Tokyo in Japan will once again take place on January 20, allowing fans of the community to get together while enjoying cover bands and DJs.

I had the pleasure of attending Emo Night Tokyo for its Christmas event on December 16, 2022. Although emo is not an unknown genre in Japan, there aren’t many events for fans of the genre. That’s why Emo Night Tokyo’s organizer, Shintaro, decided to create a space where like-minded fans could gather.

Since the first Emo Night six months ago, the event has grown and has many regulars. Whether you are a fan of emo, or just want to dance and have fun, Emo Night Tokyo is not to be missed!

Emo Night Tokyo New Year

About Emo Night Tokyo

Shintaro first learned about emo and early 2000s rock when a friend in his High School in Hokkaido showed him Linkin Park. After graduating he traveled around the US, where he attended Warped Tour, saw emo bands perform, and learned English. In 2017, he moved to Australia and regularly attended emo events while living there. He missed those events when he moved back to Japan, so he created his own.

Emo Night Tokyo certainly lives up to its name. Emo cover bands and DJs, including Shintaro himself, kept emo and rock songs from the early to mid-2000s spinning all night.

From the previous event in December 2022, Hatsudai Wall’s floor was packed with people dancing, singing, and moshing along to whatever the bands and DJs played. Of course, classic emo anthems made it onto the setlists, but I was pleasantly surprised to hear some less-known gems as well.

Check out some photos from the Christmas event below, and see the rest of them on Emo Night Tokyo’s Facebook group.

Although most attendees are foreigners at the moment, Shintaro hopes that by having a monthly event, he can make a welcoming community that brings in more Japanese people.

Shintaro works for RNR Tours, a company that offers musical experiences for people visiting Japan, and is also the vocalist of metalcore band SEIRAN. Through his connections with the Japanese music scene, he wants to involve more Japanese bands in Emo Night and already has a few lined up to play at future events.

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