During winter, ELFENSJóN set out for a three-month consecutive single release. After previously liberating the singles DAWN and ECLIPSE, the unit set foot for its final unveiling for this cycle with Magatsu yami ni utau (禍つ闇に詠う).

The latest single was made available on January 25 and pushes for a passionate sound that upholds a fast pace. With vocals provided again by YURiCa (Hanatan), we’re able to witness a delicate yet vigorous performance.

You can grab the single Magatsu yami ni utau digitally through major download and streaming platforms.

ELFENSJóN『禍つ闇に詠う』Music Video (Full Size)


The German word “Elf” means “eleven” (10+1, “the last one”), and Sjón means “vision”. Together it forms ELFENSJóN: “The last and another vision”.

ELFENSJóN is a contemporary production group formed at the end of 2018, centering around compositions and arrangements by Keisuke Kurose, and artwork by Ishizue Kachiru. The purpose of the group is to build a new worldview based on the music and illustrations that heed to “dark fantasy”.

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  1. Magatsu yami ni utau
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