ELFENSJóN expands its dark lore with the beginning of a three-month consecutive winter single release, encapsulating the three works DAWN, ECLIPSE, and Magatsu yami ni utau (禍つ闇に詠う). Each single will be distributed in a monthly fashion, and as of yesterday, we were able to witness the unveiling of DAWN, now available on digital stores and streaming platforms.

The song DAWN, while sentimental and wistful, radiates a powerful drive thanks to the performance of YURiCa (Hanatan) who is responsible for the guest vocals this time.

The instrumentals by composer Keisuke Kurose are rich, offering a beautiful symphonic assembly with a great balance between modern rock and classical instruments. However, we need to also acknowledge Godspeed (Aoki Masahiro) for his splendid arrangement when it comes to the string instruments.

ELFENSJóN『DAWN』Music Video (Full Size)

The song couldn’t be complete without the guest musicians that took part, guitarist Myuu, bassist kakeyan, drummer Shuhei Kamada, and pianist Kishida Yuki (岸田勇気). And of course, illustrator Ishizue Kachiru, and video creator Kiryu.

As DAWN is only the first of out the three singles we can expect this winter, please look forward to next month’s release when ECLIPSE will make its way out!


The German word “Elf” means “eleven” (10+1, “the last one”), and Sjón means “vision”. Together it forms ELFENSJóN: “The last and another vision”.

ELFENSJóN is a contemporary production group formed at the end of 2018, centering around compositions and arrangements by Keisuke Kurose, and artwork by Ishizue Kachiru. The purpose of the group is to build a new worldview based on the music and illustrations that heed to “dark fantasy”.

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