ELFENSJóN releases the single ECLIPSE on December 22, the second single from the consecutive monthly winter releases.

Just like the previous single DAWN, the new song features guest vocalist YURiCa (Hanatan) and allows for an impactful and dramatic performance that captures the fantasy theme of ELFENSJóN. ECLIPSE is filled with a plethora of symphonic elements, but leaves room for the djent guitars to gently enter the surface.

The single ECLIPSE can be listened on major streaming platforms, and also picked up on digital stores such as Bandcamp or BOOTH.

ELFENSJóN『ECLIPSE』Music Video (Full Size)

The same guest musicians return for ECLIPSE and is essentially the same line-up as DAWN. We have guitarist Myuu, bassist kakeyan, drummer Shuhei Kamada, string instrument arranger Godspeed (Aoki Masahiro), but with added pianist Kishida Yuki. As for the music video, Rokunshi is responsible for the spectacular work. And as always, the music is composed by Keisuke Kurose coupled with fantastic illustrations by Ishizue Kachiru.

Look forward to next month when the conclusive single Magatsu yami ni utau (禍つ闇に詠う) will be out!


The German word “Elf” means “eleven” (10+1, “the last one”), and Sjón means “vision”. Together it forms ELFENSJóN: “The last and another vision”.

ELFENSJóN is a contemporary production group formed at the end of 2018, centering around compositions and arrangements by Keisuke Kurose, and artwork by Ishizue Kachiru. The purpose of the group is to build a new worldview based on the music and illustrations that heed to “dark fantasy”.

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