Reol returns to the countryside to present the latest single and music video Aogeya Toutoshi (Agitate) in a festive manner!

The single Aogeya Toutoshi, which was released on July 27, is a work composed and written by Reol while taking help from SUNNY BOY and MONJOE (from DATS) for its sound production. Together with the music video, it delivers a wholesome and festive summer vibe where Reol has taken inspiration from her childhood, like the choreography that is based on her hometown bon odori (festival dance). The whole idea with Aogeya Toutoshi is to embrace impulsiveness and bring out one’s dance moves, laughter, and happiness! A childlike innocence.

On top of Reol’s performance, you will see a plethora of unique characters joining her throughout the music video. Characters such as a sumo wrestler, town folks, and professional dancers. Among the professional dancers, there’s the popular Nanase Cocoa with over a million followers on TikTok, the content creator group YDK Apartment, and Nakagawa Ayane from the contemporary dance group Suichu-megane.

Reol - '煽げや尊し' Music Video

We also get a look behind-the-scenes!

Reol - Making of 煽げや尊し

In conjunction with the music video release, Reol has partnered up with the energy drink company ZONe to participate in the IMMERSIVE SONG PROJECT. It is a campaign where consumers have a chance to receive a special ZONe energy drink can with Reol as the motive.

The collaboration will run until August 10 with more information to be found on IMMERSIVE SONG PROJECT‘s website.

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