After entering an indefinite hiatus last year due to a severe illness, GACKT stopped all activities to focus on recovery. Today, GACKT successfully livestreamed the event “GACKT:RE birthday special“, hosted by the Japanese announcer Furutachi Ichiro, which celebrates his birthday and return. It is the first livestream GACKT has attended since the hiatus started.

Keen fans might have noticed that today isn’t actually GACKT’s birthday, because that would be July 4. In fact, the livestream was initially planned to be held on his actual birthday, unfortunately, due to contracting the coronavirus, it was postponed but successfully took place today. This marks a big milestone for GACKT as it signifies a proper comeback.

We’ve first seen hints of GACKT returning back in May, when reports of his health status were shared by his agency. Back then, it was still difficult to interpret how good of a shape GACKT was in, considering he still suffered from side effects. It was also mentioned that they hoped to “resume activities by the end of the year”. Even though it’s only been two months since then, it looks like he feels well enough to be back in business!

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