After many months since GACKT announced that he would pause activities due to a severe illness, we have on May 16 received more information on the singer’s current condition and what might lie ahead.

Through an announcement made on the official website, GACKT’s agency expresses that there have been signs of improvements thanks to the extensive testing and treatments received overseas and in Japan, and it’s because of this that they—with GACKT’s consent—felt comfortable sharing the current status.

As a result of the treaments, the condition of his voice has recovered but he has unfortunately also developed side effects such as alopecia (hair loss), and systemic dermatitis (a skin condition). This is due to immunodeficiency caused by a problem with his nervous system.

While GACKT’s condition has still not reached the point of resuming activity, his agency hopes that he will be able to return by the end of the year. Currently, he is “able to go about his daily activities without difficulty and will gradually return to work”.

If you want to learn more about the illness GACKT is facing right now and how it has been affecting his daily life and career, please head over to our previous coverage where everything is covered in detail.

For those interested, we also took the time to translate the official announcement made available on GACKT’s website:

This is a statement regarding the status of GACKT’s health and resumption of activities from his agency in Japan.

In terms of his symptoms, we can confirm that they are as the medical institution has announced.

We apologize to all fans and those involved in working with GACKT for causing concern but his strength is returning thanks to treatment that he has been receiving both overseas and now also in Japan. The agency will continue communication with the attending doctors and GACKT himself and, should his condition continue to improve, we hope to resume activities by the end of the year.

Please see the announcement from the Kyushu Regenerative Medicine Center, Kougekai Medical Corporation, Syucell Clinic for further information.

Kyushu Regenerative Medicine Center

GACKT is currently able to go about his daily activities without difficulty and will gradually return to work.

GACKT Japan Agency
Glab Entertainment Inc.

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