The allegedly “revolutionary” project teased last week by Yoshiki and Coca-Cola is now public and reveals two new energy drinks, “Real Gold X” and “Real Gold Y”. Centered around Yoshiki’s philosophy of “NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE”, the two drinks are inspired by his two sides that are “rock music” (X) and “classical music” (Y).

Yoshiki is of course best known for being the drummer and leader of X Japan, a legendary visual rock band. But another prominent side of him involves being a pianist—something that we’ve seen more of lately.

The wild and red-colored energy drink Real Gold X is inspired by the “sense of elation listening to rock music”, while the more tame and blue-colored Real Gold Y is inspired by the “sense of focus while listening to classical music”.

The message of “NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE” is also integrated into both products through Yoshiki’s belief:

Everyone can be a pioneer if they shape their own paths. If there is one magic that can change the world, it’s the sense of persistence. If you keep on challenging and challenging to achieve your dreams and goals, you will be successful for sure.

In short, these drinks were created to give energy and motivate people who are taking on various challenges in life.

To showcase it all, Yoshiki put together two original songs fittingly composed for the two contrasting concepts:

The two energy drinks Real Gold X and Real Gold Y were unveiled at a livestreamed event on May 10 where Yoshiki was guested by the Osaka rock band Novelbright, and a comedy duo called EXIT. During the event, the participants were able to give both drinks a try and described the taste as such:

Rintaro (EXIT): [Real Gold X] is very clear and spicy, and it also has a strong punch.

Daiki Kanechika (EXIT): [Real Gold Y] taste very cool and it’s very refershing.

The general consensus was that Real Gold X has a stronger and more impactful flavor, as opposed to the more refreshing and sweeter taste that Real Gold Y offers.

You can watch the archived livestream on YouTube where the first part is free to watch, but the second part requires a Yoshiki YouTube channel membership.

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