video, Yoshiki teases an upcoming “big project” that is a collaboration with Coca-Cola, the world’s largest beverage company.

Based on the teaser, Yoshiki is going for something that can “motivate people”, while also trying to diverge from the normal, “we can be disruptive” says Yoshiki.

The most concrete thing we know about the project so far, until it is unveiled on May 10 (JST), is that it’s related to art which Yoshiki states in the video:

I think we’re creating amazing “art” actually. I’m now more confident than ever.

As for his feelings towards the collaboration itself, this is what he shared:

I can’t wait to finally share the details about this exciting new project next week, I think it’s going to be revolutionary.

Let’s see what exciting new things Yoshiki has cooking for us! You can watch the teaser video below.

"Coca-Cola x YOSHIKI" Big Project Coming 大きなプロジェクトが始まります。

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