Prepare to meet the next Jrock superband—or should we say, monster-band?

Without warning, the new band Petit Brabancon was announced shocking fans across genres. Petit Brabancon brings together five heavy-hitters from the metal, punk, and alternative rock scenes: Kyo (DIR EN GREY, sukekiyo) on vocals, yukihiro (L’arc-en-Ciel) on drums, guitarists Miya (MUCC) and antz (Tokyo Shoegazer, acid android), and finally Hirofumi Takamatsu (The Novembers) on bass.

Combining all five members’ backgrounds and personalities, the result is a dangerous and powerful form of progressive new rock.

Jacket for Petit Brabancon’s first digital single, Koku/Kawaki.

Though Petit Brabancon was just revealed, the project started about four years ago when Kyo of DIR EN GREY reached out to yukihiro of L’arc-en-Ciel. A recent BARKS interview shed light on how the band was formed, from Kyo initially proposing the project, to bringing on additional members based on their unique talents.

Wasting no time, Petit Brabancon’s first digital single, “Koku / Kawaki” (刻 / 渇き) drops on Christmas Eve. The Double A-side single is coupled with the third track OBEY. Kyo wrote the lyrics for all three songs, and Miya composed the melody.

Check out the adrenalized preview for Koku below!

Petit Brabancon「刻」Teaser

Petit Brabancon makes their live debut on December 27 at DANGER CRUE 40th Anniversary JACK IN THE BOX 2021, an event by MAVERICK DC Group that brings together superstar acts in the Jrock scene.

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  1. Koku
  2. Kawaki
  3. OBEY
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