Fukuro, a band formed by DADAROMA’s vocalist Yoshiatsu, has surprised fans by releasing a music video for an unreleased track ‘Seppun’.

The retro-themed music video sees the band performing the delightfully jazzy number at a bar. Everything from the band’s outfits, the location, the lighting to the VHS visual effects fit the song perfectly. We also get to see vocalist Yoshiatsu play the guitar and use a wah-wah pedal to give the song a little bit of funk.

There are a few silly moments as Yoshiatsu attempts to eat a flower only to spit it out, and pianist Daisuke plays his respective solo as if he’s possessed. Every member gets a moment in the spotlight when they each perform short solos for the song.

From the outset, the song ‘Seppun’ is livelier than their Itsuka Wa Shindeshimau Bokurawa from their first mini-album ‘Fukuro no Mori’ bringing a welcome change.

  1. Fukuro No Ki
  2. Neo Tokyo
  3. Kamisama Wa Inaikara
  4. Cadenza
  5. Hikyoumono No Romance
  6. "Itsuka Wa Shindeshimau Bokurawa"
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