ELFENSJóN continues to bind thrilling stories together with music through its latest announced fourth album, “EPHEMERA”! The story remains within the world of ASH OF ROUGE where the two protagonists, brother and sister, explore another story.

Set to release this winter, the album is currently within its promotional month and as the first big bite out of two, we’ve received the music video for the song “Toge” (棘, Thorn).

Not only has Toge received a music video, but it has been released as a stand-alone digital single on November 10, prior to the full album release. Toge brings back the shuffle beat elements that we’re familiar with from the song PHANTOM, found in the second EP ASH OF ROUGE. And just like before, we have guest vocalist Fujita Kazuya (藤田和哉) providing his melancholic voice.

The circle, or “creative project”, is led by the two permanent members: composer Kurose Keisuke (黒瀬圭亮) and illustrator Ishizue Kachiru (石据カチル). However, with each release or even song, the guest artist lineup tends to shift.

In the case of Toge, besides taking help from Kazuya, we have Kenshiro (of WHITEFISTS) on guitar, kakeyan on bass, Junichiro Fujinami (藤浪潤一郎) for the mix, and Qvy behind the music video edit.

As for the album EPHEMERA as a whole, Keisuke describes it as “a good mix of madness and sadness” and was aiming to create “something epic”, and he also believes he was able to achieve just that!

For further details, we will have to wait a bit longer. Let’s join hands and pump up for the next big reveal that will be unveiled later this month.


The circle’s name “ELFENSJóN” is inspired by the German language and comprises of “ELF” (Eleven) and “SJóN” (Vision), describing it as:

Depicting a realistic world at the end of time, both beautiful and cruel. The creation of a work, bringing a new vision.

In other words, ELFENSJóN offers a symphonic fantasy direction in terms of its thematic sound, at the same time, jumping between rock, metal, and even djent. If you’ve listened to UROBOROS or Asriel before, you will feel right at home as ELFENSJóN offers the same type of mysterious and storytelling-like music.

  1. Toge
  1. Naraku no majo
  2. 奈落の魔女
  6. 暁を葬れば
  7. 烙印の名は赫く
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