LiSA and Aimer provide the opening and ending themes songs for the upcoming second season of the Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba) TV adaptation.

The new season will be split into two arcs: Mugen Train Arc based on the movie, and the Entertainment District Arc of the manga.

LiSA “Akeboshi/Shirogane” – Mugen Train Arc

LiSA performs the double A-side single Akeboshi/Shirogane for the Mugen Train Arc (Mugen Ressha-hen), where the former song serves as the opening theme song, while the latter is featured as the ending theme. The single will go on sale on November 17.

The Mugen Train Arc starts its broadcast on October 10 and unlike the movie which it is based on, it’s segmented into seven episodes. The first episode shows new material that hasn’t been seen before, where the character Kyojuro Rengoku is assigned a new mission on the way to the Mugen Train. From that point on, it is six re-edited episodes that include new background music.

Aimer “Zankyo Sanka/Asa ga Kuru” – Entertainment District Arc

As for Aimer, her double A-side single Zankyo Sanka/Asa ga Kuru is served in the same manner but for the Entertainment District Arc (Yukaku-hen). The former song joins in as the opening theme song and the latter as the ending theme song. This single will be available for purchase on January 12.

The TV adaptation of the Entertainment District Arc of the manga premieres on December 5.

All of the four themes songs featured on the Mugen Train Arc and Entertainment District Arc are composed by the famed musician Yuki Kajiura, previously responsible for the hit song Homura. Besides Demon Slayer, her work can be found in Sword Art Online, the Fate series, DEEMO, and many more.

LiSA had previously provided the song Gurenge for the anime’s first season, and Homura for the Demon Slayer‘s Mugen Train film which became the highest-grossing anime film and Japanese film of all time.

Aniplex Japan uploaded a promotional reel for Demon Slayer‘s second season which included a sneak peek at LiSA’s Akeboshi, and Aimer’s Zankyo Sanka. The video is unfortunately region-blocked and cannot be viewed outside Japan.

アニメ「鬼滅の刃」プロモーションリール 2021

With anisong singers Aimer and LiSA being confirmed to provide their music for the upcoming seasons of the Demon Slayer TV series, this will be Aimer’s first introduction to the franchise, while LiSA is no stranger following the success of her songs Gurenge and Homura from previous Demon Slayer works.

Aniplex USA has licensed the series outside of Asia to stream both arcs through Funimation and Crunchyroll. You can stream the series in Southeast Asia via iQIYI, Bilibili, WeTV, and Viu thanks to Muse Communication licensing.

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  1. Akeboshi
  2. Shirogane
  3. Akeboshi (Instrumental)
    明け星 (Instrumental)
  4. Shirogane (Instrumental)
    白銀 (Instrumental)
  5. Akeboshi (TV ver.)
    明け星 (TV ver.)
  6. Shirogane (TV ver.)
    白銀 (TV ver.)
  1. Zankyo Sanka
  2. Asa ga Kuru