ONE OK ROCK has declared a rather exciting and unusual announcement of a new single Broken Heart of Gold released on May 28 with an appeal for fans worldwide to get their creativity flowing for their open-call music video submissions. Yes, they want anyone with the creatives means to make their next music video!

The newest single is the official theme song for the live-action movie Rurouni Kenshin: The Beginning—and it still needs a music video! ONE OK ROCK wants you, the fans or any creative person to have the chance to create their next music video for their newest single Broken Heart of Gold. The band asks willing participants to use any form of video style, be it: live-action, lyrical, graphics, and more to produce a video that will be used as the official Broken Heart Of Gold music video.

If your video is selected it will be regarded as the official music video for their single and uploaded to the official ONE OK ROCK YouTube channel—and you also bag yourself a cash prize of 500,000 yen!

Vocalist, Taka, has left a personal video message announcing the open-call music video submissions:

You have until June 30, 12:00 JST, to submit your video entry through the specialized website which lays out all the entry guidelines and requirements that you should definitely read before submitting your video! Visit the website here.

To stimulate those creative juices and get the ideas flowing, take a listen to Broken Heart of Gold and get started!

  1. Broken Heart of Gold
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