NANO is currently approaching the release of its first self-produced mini-album ANTHESIS that is planned for April 14. Just days before its release, NANO delivers the third music video off the album and has taken a cinematic approach for the energetic and passionate song, LINE OF FIRE.

Filmed in a landscape of nature in Yamanashi, Japan, the music video visuals give off mysterious energy and houses vibes of medieval. While some of the traits aren’t brand new to NANO—like the abundance of smoke—the work overall does however grant us a refreshing feel from past works.

LINE OF FIRE is a song composed by NANO and Kosuke Nakanishi (also known as Neko) and brings out the best of the artists. It’s a work where they both were able to “explode” and venture into their own path; in the end, giving it the explosive sound that is LINE OF FIRE.

Fans of both NANO and Neko will surely feel that the tunes traveling into your ear canals are essentially a perfect balance between the two musicians!

You can also check out the recently published album preview to get a better idea of the full album:

  2. All I Need
  4. Hourglass Story
  5. Remember again
  6. Hourglass Story (Original Acoustic Version) (Bonus Track)
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