The latest single KEMURIKUSA from nano has at last been provided a music video for us all to savor, although, in the form of a short version. This release is connected to the sci-fi anime also named KEMURIKUSA which just started airing, used as the opening theme song. The anime takes you on a journey following a few girls who fight against bug-like beings in a world filled with red fog. nano takes the same idea and applies it in the mystic and enchanting music video while singing to the blood-pumping and catchy song.

For this release, nano worked with WEST GROUND (also known as Makoto Nishibe) who composed many of nano’s previous hit songs. If you come to like nano’s collaboration with MY FIRST STORY, SAVIOR OF SONG, or maybe songs like INFINITY≠ZERO, SABLEMY LIBERATION, or DARE DEVIL, you will definitely enjoy this!

Get ready for February 6 which is when the single releases!



  2. To be determined
  3. KEMURIKUSA Instrumental ver.
  4. To be determined Instrumental ver.

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