The bilingual artist born and raised in New York City, nano, has launched a new YouTube channel “nano Official Channel (tentative name)” that gives fans a chance to know them better! So not only is nano a musician but now also an official Youtuber!

To start it off, two initial videos have been uploaded, one in English and one in Japanese. These videos will give us a better idea of who nano really is as a person, opposed to the image that some might have of nano—which is more of a reserved and mysterious person. But not only that, nano dives into topics such as the career of a musician, and their enthusiasm for YouTube.

In conjunction with the video, nano revealed some hilarious truth:

I think many people who know me have the image that I don’t talk much about myself.

It sounds cool to say that I’m the type of person who would rather talk through songs than words, but I’m just clumsy. I’m just clumsy…

Additionally, nano stated, “I think everyone [on YouTube] will be able to see a new side of nano” and even exposes that “a maniacal side” also resides within.

In the upcoming videos, nano plans to face new challenges while showing more of the side we haven’t been able to see so far. Expect content that is unique to YouTube and even some original nano projects.

nano recently appeared on the YouTube podcast show “Trash Taste” on March 6, which hosts consist of three of the biggest anime Youtubers today: Joey “The Anime Man”, Garnt “Gigguk”, and Connor “CDawgVA”. You might remember Joey from our earlier coverage when he got trolled by GACKT, and Connor from our recent interview where he shared his experience of hanging out with the band ACME.

In regards to the launch of the new channel, here’s a message from nano:

Hey everyone!

I am happy to announce my all-new YouTube Channel, kicking off today!

This channel is going to give me a chance to try new things beyond the borders of music and connect me with you even more!

I’m really looking forward to discovering new ways to have a great time with you all, and letting you get to know me on a more personal level.

Stay tuned for upcoming videos, and remember to subscribe!

Rock on.

In additional news, on the music side of things, nano has teased that something new will be announced on March 14, 2021, at 12:00 (JST).

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