nano makes an appearance on the popular anime podcast “Trash Taste” hosted by big YouTube names such as Joey “The Anime Man”, Garnt “Gigguk”, and Connor “CDawgVA”. You might remember Joey from our earlier coverage when he got trolled by GACKT, and Connor from our recent interview where he shared his experience of hanging out with the band ACME.

In the two-hour long podcast, the four discuss nano’s career as a musician that moved from America to Japan, being an anisong singer, but of course also nano’s earlier days as an utaite (cover artist) on the video platform niconico. There’s a bunch to learn here and even some information that is exclusively revealed on the show, such as the reason behind nano hiding their face at the beginning.

If two hours sounds daunting to you, do take note of the chapters that are conveniently laid out in the video so you can skip to the topic of interest.

The appearance on Trash Taste is in conjunction with nano’s newly revealed YouTube channel that we English speakers will find out more about tomorrow, once the English channel introduction video is published!

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