DaizyStripper has revealed the music video for ballad SAKURA Samuneiru from its album INFINITY released back on March 1, 2020. The description of the video states that it was made in collaboration with Toho Gakuen Film College in Japan and what they’ve created here is something simple, yet heartfelt to match the song.


Through the bittersweet music video, our protagonist steps into his past as he goes through a pile of photos of precious memories—memories of a loved one. As the story progresses, it is revealed to be a tale of love beyond reach.

The song SAKURA Samuneiru matches the setting well with it featuring a strong focus on the violin and with drummer and pianist Kazami’s piano playing.

If you’re looking for more DaizyStripper, check out the band’s most recently released single Hanareta Toki ni Aiha that went out on February 4.

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  1. Hanareta Toki ni Aiha
  2. Hanareta Toki ni Aiha (Nao Mashimashi mix)
  3. Hanareta Toki ni Aiha (Mayu Mashimashi mix)
  4. Hanareta Toki ni Aiha (Rei Mashimashi mix)
  5. Hanareta Toki ni Aiha (Kazami Mashimashi mix)
  6. Hanareta Toki ni Aiha (Yugiri Mashimashi mix)
  7. Hanareta Toki ni Aiha (Yugiri less ver.)
    離れた時に愛は(夕霧less ver.)
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