Rock and metal guitarist, SAKI, celebrates 10 years as a recording artist by releasing solo track, BRIGHTNESS. Right now, the music video is on her newly created YouTube channel. And later, expect details for the CD and DVD purchases coming in April. Notably, the song was played with support from Frédéric Leclercq on bass—formerly of power metal band DragonForce—and arranged by Kohei.

As BRIGHTNESS starts with a soft orchestral melody it then bursts into chaotic harmony. SAKI’s fingers fly across the frets, moving from power chords to keys and back again. Certainly, years of practice and hard work pay off as she makes shredding look easy. Take a listen below and check those dance moves.

To be sure, Saki stays busy as she is an active member of three bands! First, joining Mary’s Blood in 2012, then forming supergroup NEMOPHILA a few years ago, as well as partnering with Frédéric for Amahiru. All in all, this talented artist is a certified rockstar.

If you’re interested, you can also check out how the music video was made in the making-of video.

Update 2021-02-11: The information about the members’ contribution to the song was previously misinterpreted and has been corrected.

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