Heavy metal queens, NEMOPHILA has introduced themselves to the world of heavy metal with their very first single OIRAN! The low budget video looks as if they started filming during a rehearsal session. Yet, it’s the song that hits like a sonic piledriver. Screaming vocals from mayu command attention, then she transitions into a solid harmony for the chorus. Meanwhile, the guitar riffs punch through with SAKI and Hazuki on dueling guitars but then come together, twin-lead style for the bridge.

「OIRAN」(YouTube ver.) / NEMOPHILA

They performed this song and others on February 29 for their very first one-man live at Shibuya REX even though other shows across Japan were canceling due to the coronavirus. Before showtime, they issued a warning for participants to take preventive measures such as washing hands and minding hygiene etiquette, and also offering refunds to any fans who couldn’t attend the gig. Hopefully, future gigs will be under better circumstances. Up next, they have another live event scheduled for April 29 at “NAON’s YAON 2020” taking place at Hibiya Amphitheater.

Now that they’ve got your attention let’s get more familiar with the talented ladies behind this beast of a song:

Monstrous talent lies behind these sweet smiles!

NEMOPHILA, formed on September 5 in 2019, is a supergroup consisting of some familiar names from the girls’ rock scene. They are lead by guitarist SAKI from Mary’s Blood, who recruited former LIPSTICK vocalists mayu, guitarist Hazuki from Disqualia, bassist Haraguchi-san from HöLDERLINS, and drummer Muratatamu from SORAMIMI. Together, they released the headbanger, OIRAN, digitally through Spotify and Apple Music on February 29.

They performed the first gig as NEMOPHILA at “METAL WEEKEND 2019” held at Zepp DiverCity on September 14 and 15, 2019. After that, live activities were performed vigorously mainly in Tokyo to attract attention, and gain more fans. The effort didn’t go unnoticed either, as their first one-man live on February 29, 2020, was completely sold out! A promising road is ahead for this energetic quintet and we can’t wait to see where it leads them!


NEMOPHILA_OIRAN_EP Digital edition


  1. OIRAN
  3. Life

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