Following the release of the music video’s preview, XANVALA has now unlocked the full music video for their upcoming single Janome prior to its release on January 29, thanks to their fans who surpassed the required 365 retweets on Twitter. This presents a healthy dose of heaviness composed by bassist 70., with complementing lyrics and abundant growls by vocalist Tatsumi.

A behind-the-scenes video was also unveiled on their Twitter to thank their fanbase for 1500 followers.

XANVALA teased their second single Janome back in November 2020, but it isn’t until now that we receive more details ahead of its planned release date on January 29. The single will be available at the band’s one-man show taking place at Ikebukuro BlackHole to celebrate its first anniversary.

Janome brings a CD with three new tracks, and a DVD featuring the music video for the title-track, as well as, a video interview with the members about their perspective of the year 2020.

You can take a peek at the B-side tracks in the audio preview released alongside the music video:

Lastly, take a look at the group and members’ individual artist photos. Despite using the same attire from their previous single, XANADU, the band has impressively achieved a new and different look by changing their make-up style.

  1. Janome
  2. Usei ni Kisu
  3. Hidarimimi no Akuma
  1. Janome music video
    ジャノメ music video
  2. Interview and Talk about 2020
    Interview and Talk about 2020
  • 12-page booklet
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