The upcoming holiday is looking good as XANVALA is bringing two new singles to the table: XANADU, which is ready for release next month and recently received a stylish music video, and the other one being Janome, coming out in January 2021.

Let’s go through what we know about both of these releases and be sure to stay until the end for a special treat in the form of the good looking member in matching outfits.


Single Janome (ジャノメ) was just announced via Twitter following the band’s sold-out performance held on November 13. It is set to be released on January 30, 2021. No further details on Janome were revealed yet aside from the accompanying image in the announcement which features a snake eye displayed on an old TV. Dedicated fans will notice how snakes are a recurrent theme in the band’s artwork.

Announcement image for “Janome”.


Single XANADU is the band’s first single ever to be distributed in stores, available on December 16. It is even purchasable via mail order but avid fans were however able to get their hands on the CD in advance at XANVALA’s concert held on November 13.

The band recently unleashed a vibrant and refreshing music video for XANADU. Listen to the catchy and speedy song along with the band’s powerful performance.

Get yourself ready for a sneak peek at the B-side track Mikado as well! Described as a dark, heavy, and hard-hitting track, it incorporates Tatsumi’s amazing growl vocals—showcased in true XANVALA fashion.


Unlike the regular edition that comes with two songs XANADU, and Mikado; the mail-order limited edition also includes the music video for the title track, a 12-page booklet, and complete footage of their recent paid livestream performance held on October 14.

It hasn’t been easy to get access to XANVALA’s music until recently. This is due to the fact that it was only sold at live venues or via mail order in limited quantity. Nonetheless, every single copy was quickly out of stock and the band eventually put out the compilation album Riku Juusou to grant their fans another chance to get XANVALA’s first three singles in a unique CD.

There are also two performances scheduled this month which are 2-man shows with fellow bands Misui on November 20, and Ari on November 27. XANVALA will also be present at the Christmas live show on December 25 at Ebisu club aim, titled “XANVALA Xmas ONEMAN LIVE”. Not only is their music selling fast but also tickets for the live shows so be sure to get yours quickly!

Lastly, take a quick look at the members in black and red outfits for their new profile pictures.


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