lynch. finished up the year 2020 with its absolutely phenomenal digital single ALLIVE released on December 23. This single was meant to commemorate the unfortunately canceled Nippon Budokan performance, originally due to take place on February 3. However, not all was lost as they also revealed the music video for ALLIVE telling the story of two draped figures, one white and the other black, engaging in interpretative dancing on the shoreline.

What makes the visuals even more striking and compelling, however, is the band members performing side by side in this completely white space. All of this illustrates a ridiculously strong sense of unity between the band members, especially as it celebrates its 15th anniversary.

The studio has lights furiously flashing from above and in front with their shadows frantically moving similar to stop-motion animation. The song is already impressive enough but with the context in mind and the way the music video is filmed, it heightens the experience.

Everybody will have their own interpretation of the narrative told but I think the meeting of these two entities is emblematic of the Nippon Budokan. The band and the audience coming together at the dream stage.

Be sure to keep your eye out on lynch. as they continue to reach the pinnacle of its career.

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