lynch. will release digital single ALLIVE on December 23 to commemorate their Nippon Budokan performance, taking place on February 3, 2021.

After 15 years of fantastic music, lynch. is celebrating its milestone on February 3, 2021, with their first Nippon Budokan performance—the dream stage for many Japanese bands. It takes the title ’15TH ANNIVERSARY “THE FATAL HOUR HAS COME” at Nippon Budokan’, with the quote in the center, THE FATAL HOUR HAS COME, referencing the song found on the album INFERIORITY COMPLEX, now taking the role of representing 15 years of history.

In conjunction with the festive announcement, the band also revealed a digital single ALLIVE with a release date of December 23.

In the visual department, a black and white artist photo coincides with the single’s announcement and is overlayed with a red stylistic graphic that mimics the shape of the dream venue, Nippon Budokan, when viewed from above. Donning avant-garde outfits, the photo gives a clean and classic look. The same photo has been used as the CD cover, albeit with text on top.

lynch. first announced their performance at Nippon Budokan during the sold-out concert LIVE’20 “FACE TO FAITH” at Hibiya Open Air Concert Hall that took place on October 25. It was with that they uploaded a trailer going through every single artist photo and CD cover that would make any lynch. fan proud of how far they’ve come.

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