This week TRiDENT treated fans to the music video for their new digital single, Brand New World. In the video, the hard-rocking trio step up for a sunset rooftop head bobber. The song hums at a beat slower than their previous release, however there is more room for melody to drive the emotion of the song.

While not yet available for purchase, you can enjoy the song now on YouTube. So, take some inspiration from a Brand New World by sitting back, taking a deep breath, and playing air guitar for this sweet banger.

Even if you don’t understand Japanese, we can get a sense of the meaning of the song thanks to a great performance from actor Eishin Hayashida—famous for his roles in several movies and TV dramas. He plays a character struggling with hardships who sees no hope for tomorrow. If you feel burned out from stress or life in general, perhaps get to a rooftop for some fresh air. Just promise us you won’t jump. We will get to a new brighter world eventually.

And for anyone in the Tokyo area this month, they will be performing their first live show at Zepp Haneda on December 15. Tickets are available online with eplus. In addition to that, they have recently opened a merch store. Likely, many good signs ahead for a new year with more to come from TRiDENT.

Update 2020-12-12: The single has now been made available on streaming services. See below for links.

  1. RIDE ON
  3. Brand New World
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