New three-member indie rock band from Osaka, Japan, “TRiDENT”, garner more international attention with the release of second music video JUST FIGHT. In a short amount of time, the music video is seeing plenty of views and comments from abroad on YouTube. This follow-up track is trending along the lines of their debut single, Continue, which garnered over a million views in just 3 months without any external promotion! That is no doubt due to the trio who play with passion and ferocity!

Fearlessly, TRiDENT unleashes a dynamic melody with guitar-heavy riffs and uplifting beats. Will you join them in their fight?

If you have not yet heard the trio’s previous success Continue, we encourage you to do so. The track leaps out with explosive speed and makes a lot of noise to the delight of many. Here they lay down unadulterated progressive rock on a sonic roller coaster ride. Conveniently, it is available as a digital exclusive from the Oricon Music Store.

Previously known as GIRLS ROCK BAND KAKUMEI, with ASAKA on vocals and guitar, playing along with schoolmate SERINA on bass. As they practiced and sharpened their sound, they started gaining national attention and new fans across Japan. At the beginning of this year, the two recruited NAGISA on drums and now power up under the new name “TRiDENT”.

Keep a close watch on TRiDENT as they stab at your heart with the pointy end of their hard rock sound.

  1. Continue
  2. Last Hope
  4. Continue (Instrumental)
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