Vocalist Satoshi, formerly in the popular rock band girugamesh recently spoke out on Instagram revealing his thoughts on the quartet’s disbandment, and why he previously created the short-lived solo project REDMAN.

As many of you know, girugamesh was a band that created huge waves in the Japanese rock community worldwide in the 12 years they were active. When they announced their disbandment for 2016, it shocked the fans, especially since they had recently just returned from a hiatus.

Now that it’s been more than four years since that day, vocalist Satoshi finally speaks out after accidentally putting on one of the songs from his solo project REDMAN, which sparked him to share his inner thoughts on girugamesh’s disbandment.

Here is our translation of Satoshi’s words:

It’s a bit late to talk about it but… No, actually it’s because time has passed that I want to talk about something I have never talked about before.

The band has dissolved, but girugamesh did last for 12 years. We had also entered a hiatus once in the past. There were many reasons as to why: the inability to write songs, arguments between members, and so on.

At that time, I started the band REDMAN with completely unrelated members. We created one single, Challenge the GAME, and one mini-album, FLAME OF LIFE.

If you ask me “Why did you start such a project?”, it’s because I wanted to provoke girugamesh. It was my way of telling them “I want us to get back quickly”, which was my only reason for this project.

I composed songs like crazy with that state of mind. Of course, I received letters from fans of girugamesh who were insulting me.

“What the hell are you doing”, “You traitor”, “You’re the worst, “Stop that”, “Just die”.

They talked to me like I was a piece of shit.

Sorry about that, but I tore and threw them right away, tehe.

I knew that already. I just couldn’t do things any differently. However, there was not even a single lie in these songs that I wrote. I disposed of my old self.

Today, I accidentally listened to REDMAN’s songs. I’d like people who still don’t know these songs to give them a listen. That’s why I’m talking about it now.

If you’re interested, please give this band a try—a band who received nothing but insults—but REDMAN is damn cool though.

Baaaaka (idiot).


Surprisingly, some of the things which Satoshi mentioned were actually previously brought up by the other members in our interview with the band in 2016, at their final European tour.

While not fully explained, the members were still true to their words.

How did you come to the decision that this was the best time to stop girugamesh’s legacy and what are your feelings towards it?

Bassist ShuU: It feels right at this moment, doesn’t it? We’re in the best condition right now, before we start hating each other. We want to avoid that and we feel that we have put everything we could into girugamesh.

Do you feel you have accomplished all your goals as girugamesh or was there something more you wanted to express?

Drummer Ryo: Actually, yes. As a band, four of us together, we feel like we’ve done it all. After this, we’ll go our separate ways and still continue to follow our dreams as individuals but as girugamesh, we’ve achieved everything we’ve hoped for.

girugamesh at their last live show in Japan.

Hopefully, fans of girugamesh could get some kind of closure thanks to Satoshi’s heartfelt words.

If you have any fond memories of this band, please share them with us in the comment section, we would love to hear them!

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