Ashmaze.’s GENOM mini-album will drop on December 9 and with the title track’s rope bondage-themed music video already revealed, we now have a trailer showcasing all six songs.

As we dig deeper into each individual track, we find out that all five members composed at least one song for it, brilliantly putting their talents on display!

Ashmaze. "GENOM" 全6曲試聴Trailer

This showcases previously released songs GENOM, Misekake no Seijou wa Balloon no Nakamidatta, and Jidai, as well as three new songs. This includes the powerful Focus composed by Ryu, the oppressing Cynical Parade composed by drummer Saitaku, and the strange Pendulum by vocalist Souma who not usually compose—so that’s refreshing!

Ashmaze. has always produced clean and technical sounds and that is no different here, so expect this, and much more in this album!

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  1. GENOM
  2. Focus
  3. シニカルパレード
    Cynical Parade
  4. ペンデュラム
  5. 見せかけの正常はバルーンの中身だった
    Misekake no Seijou wa Balloon no Nakamidatta
  6. 「時代」
  1. GENOM Music Video
  2. GENOM Behind The Scenes
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