Ashmaze. will release its second mini-album GENOM on December 9 with the band revealing a music video for the said title track.

The main attraction, aside from the band themselves performing, is the red rope bondage art installation, also known as “shibari”, which is displayed elegantly behind the band. Then, of course, there’s the song itself which is punishingly aggressive in its own right.

The song GENOM opens up to a world of chunky basslines from bassist Ryu and pounding drums, especially that bass pedal which drummer Saitaku gets full mileage of. The instances of intense trills make the composition impactful and unrelenting.

Ashmaze. - GENOM (Official Music Video)

The mini-album GENOM also features two brilliant songs that were previously released as lyrics videos: “Jidai”, and Misekake no Seijou wa Balloon no Nakamidatta.

Ashmaze. made sure to also showcase the shibari art on the CD cover and as well on their majestic new artist photos. Blending in with the reds and blacks truly gives off a ridiculously cool look.

CD cover for “GENOM”.

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  1. GENOM
  2. Focus
  3. シニカルパレード
    Cynical Parade
  4. ペンデュラム
  5. 見せかけの正常はバルーンの中身だった
    Misekake no Seijou wa Balloon no Nakamidatta
  6. 「時代」
  1. GENOM Music Video
  2. GENOM Behind The Scenes
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