Symphonic metalcore visual kei band REVIVAL OF THE ERA will release its first mini-album Nephthys on November 4 with a total of seven tracks.

Nephthys also serves as its title track and opener to which they revealed the music video for. It features guitarist Cazqui who you might know as the former NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST guitarist, now active in nekomanju, and Cazqui’s Brutal Orchestral. In Nephthys, Cazqui delivers a guitar solo while also being involved in the song’s guitar tracking.

REVIVAL OF THE ERA - Nephthys feat. Cazqui (Official Music Video)

The symphonic elements reign supreme as the band provides heavy instrumentation in the verses and a melodic chorus. We also see harsh vocals by Noname, growling on the verses while guitarist Kazumi joins in with clean vocals during the chorus.

As the song gets closer to its end, Cazqui abruptly enters the ring with an extremely high-pitched and glitchy solo which he seemingly named “my lifeblood”. This piece of work which sounds as if it’s ripping through time and space can be found around 03:50-04:20.

REVIVAL OF THE ERA released its first work back in August 2017 with the single Osiris. They now have a total of four singles, and two EP’s. They were previously not a visual kei band but have since transitioned into one as of this release.

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  1. Nephthys feat. Cazqui
  2. Outbloom
  3. Prada
  4. Desert
  5. Division Point
  6. ayame
  7. ATOM -album mix-
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