“Oh, VELTPUNCH, that’s a band I haven’t heard for a long time.”–Our translator Dorian.

We know right? It’s been four-whole-years since they’ve last released anything remotely meaty. There’s a tonne of action going on their label’s YouTube channel thanks to the announcement of their ninth album Suicide King. Pretty much most of their biggest hits including CRAWL and Killer Smile are on there now so go and have a poke around.

The ten-tracker album is due out on August 5 and throws in the venue limited single Modern Psycho Dance that was released as part of their one-man show at Shibuya Club Quattro in 2017. Something to take note of, “Suicide King” is also the name of the digital single which came out on June 17 this year, so it’s a bit confusing now the album has the same name.

Whilst the release is a while away, enjoy the three music videos for Suicide King, She knows, and New cinema paradox.

Suicide King

Regular edition
  1. New cinema paradox
    New cinema paradox
  2. She knows
    She knows
  3. Suicide King
    Suicide King
  4. Manatsu no Dokukinoko
  5. Hello monster
    Hello monster
  6. Tsuki no uragawa yori mo me no mae ni iru kimi no OOO wo mite mitai
  7. runrunrunrunrun
  8. We are members of the Gasburner Fanclub
    We are members of the Gasburner Fanclub
  9. Modern Psycho Dance
    Modern Psycho Dance
  10. CRAWL (Acoustic)
    CRAWL (Acoustic) (CD限定収録)
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