The instrumental band “fox capture plan” among other notable artists such as THE BACK HORN, and FLOWER FLOWER are taking part in 9mm Parabellum Bullet’s upcoming tribute album CHAOSMOLOGY. Expect to see the release in stores on September 9.

CHAOSMOLOGY comes with two CDs and is separated by disc 1 being a “song disc” and disc 2 being an “instrumental disc”.

On disc 1, you’ll find songs by:

  • Straightener

While disc 2 offers instrumental songs by:

  • fox capture plan
  • Arukara
  • →Pia-no-jaC←
  • mudy on the sakuban
  • Ryu Matsuyama

We’re still expecting nine more artists to be announced later, so look forward to that!

Moreover, the band has also launched a special website for the tribute album that not only promotes the album but also brings attention to 9mm Parabellum’s 11th single, Byakuya no Hibi. Both releases are set to be released on the same day, September 9.

The contributing artists announced so far.

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To be announced
  1. 白夜の日々
    Byakuya no Hibi
  2. ロードムービー
    Road Movie
  3. Calm Down
    Calm Down
9mm Parabellum Bullet:
Twitter Kazuhiko Nakamura
fox capture plan:
Twitter Ryo Kishimoto
Twitter Hidehiro Kawai
Twitter Tsukasa Inoue
Instagram Ryo Kishimoto
Instagram Hidehiro Kawai
Instagram Tsukasa Inoue