GALNERYUS has made a big announcement involving a change to its lineup. On June 2, FUMIYA, who has sat behind the drums for the power metal unit since 2016, has announced his withdrawal from the band. He didn’t go into specifics about the move in his farewell message, however, he did express gratitude for his time spent with the band.

Drummer Fumiya

Furthermore, GALNERYUS has already found its new sticksman in LEA, the drummer of the heavy metal band ZYGOTE. Interestingly enough, he’s admittedly a fan of GALNERYUS and was greatly influenced by the playstyles of both FUMIYA and Jun-ichi—a previous in the band.

If you want a get a taste of the flavor he’ll bring to the band, check out his work in ZYGOTE’s first album GATE OF HELL (罪獄門).

罪號人-ZYGOTE- 『罪獄門-GATE OF HELL-』全曲トレイラー [Official All Trailer]

In other news, the band is currently producing a live-work that will be released on Blu-ray and DVD. So far we know it will include the final performance of the WAILING IN THE FLAMES OF PURGATORY tour, and that more details are coming soon. So, keep an eye out!

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