The collaboration plans, which WagakkiBand and vocalist Amy Lee from Evanescence started back in 2018, is finally bearing fruit! With WagakkiBand’s performance Premium Symphonic Night Vol.2 having taken place on February 16 at Osaka-Jo Hall, the band was guested by Amy Lee for a very special orchestral performance, including both a symphonic orchestra and traditional Japanese instruments—a true fusion between the West and the East.

Thanks to the radio station “FM OH! Osaka“, the collaboration performance of the iconic Evanescence song Bring Me To Life has been released. It showcases a traditional Japanese-focused arrangement offering twin vocals by Amy Lee and WagakkiBand’s vocalist Suzuhana Yuko. The song also includes rap and backup vocals provided by guitarist Machiya, which otherwise would have featured Paul McCoy in the original rendition.

Close to the end of the concert during the performance of Senbonzakura, a cover song that gained over 100 million views on YouTube, Amy Lee surprisingly entered the stage again and took part in the song. Impressively, she was singing in Japanese for the very first time! What a way to end the spectacular show and to increase the wow factor.

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