WagakkiBand is currently preparing for the one-night-only special live called Premium Symphonic Night Vol.2 which takes place on February 16, at Osaka-Jo Hall. This performance will surprisingly feature a very special guest, no other than the Grammy award-winning Amy Lee, the lead vocalist of the American rock band Evanescence. The two parties take it even further with the announcement of a new collaborative song which is in the works and will be introduced at the show.

What does the upcoming song sound like and what can we expect from it? Only time will tell. However, what we are able to tell you right now is how WagakkiBand and Evanescence first got in touch with each other.

Amy Lee first noticed WagakkiBand after seeing a video of their orchestra performance and was impressed. In 2018, she decided to invite the band to experience Evanescence live in Los Angeles during their Synthesis Tour, which also featured an orchestra. Vocalist Yuko Suzuhana, and guitarist Machiya ended up attending the show and together with Amy Lee, they began sharing ideas and finding ways to work together. They’ve kept in touch ever since. Now, two years later, the two have come together for a historical moment, a live performance that has never been seen before.

Amy Lee of Evanescence:

I can’t wait to feel the power of WagakkiBand with live orchestra in Osaka! I am thrilled to join them onstage for this special concert. If all my dreams come true, we’ll be going for ramen after!

Yuko Suzuhana (WagakkiBand):

It all started when Ms. Amy Lee saw a concert video of WagakkiBand performing with an orchestra. She invited us to see her band Evanescence in Los Angeles and we’ve talked about doing something interesting together since then. Finally, that moment has come as we’ll be performing together for the first time! Amy and I share a lot in common, not just because we’re singers, but because we’re also pianists. I hope everyone enjoys this special, one night only, collaboration event between WagakkiBand and Ms. Lee.

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