Rebranded band NICOLAS put out their first full album titled UMBRA on March 7, and the music video for the title-track recently saw the light, revealing a beautifully arranged rock ballad filled with emotional vocals by Saku. The music video comes accompanied with new pictures of the members showcasing the outfits used in the music video.

Here we get a better look at the members dressed as seen in the music video with a prismatic effect accenting the pictures:

The album itself comes in just one edition containing 10 newly created songs. This includes a piece titled MURDER IMPULSE, composed by the Muzzle’s Roku, formerly known as Grieva’s guitarist, and co-founder. Listen to brief previews of all songs in the video digest below:

The band announced more good news as it was revealed the album and other memorabilia can be purchased at their brand-new webshop. Previously, all their releases could only be obtained at live venues. You can still do this by attending the band’s UMBRA TOUR through Japan’s 47 prefectures. The tour has been running since March 3, but album sales won’t begin until March 20 at Yokohama BAYSIS. Another way to get your hands on the album is by heading to Village Vanguard stores from March 11 and onwards.

Lastly, take a look at the members’ matching outfits below used to promote the album release:

NICOLAS unified in matching jackets in promotion of their 1st album “UMBRA”.


Regular edition


  1. UMBRA
  4. Ingaouhou (因果応報)
  6. Wana (罠)
  7. Mosaic (モザイク)
  8. Brilliant World (ブリリアントワールド)
  9. Begonia
  10. Neon (ネオン)

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