DIMLIM and Sweet Panda Productions are looking to hold a new show in Mexico City around September 11 to 13 at a smaller location. If the petition is signed by 200 people who intend to participate in the event, they will consider the deed done and proceed to organize the concert and fanmeet. Here’s their statement:

Sweet Panda Productions along with DIMLIM, after rescheduling the rest of their shows around the world, is proposing to hold a new show in CDMX (Mexico City). For this to be possible, we need your participation. If we reach the minimum number of interested parties of 200 REAL PARTICIPANTS, we will celebrate a show in September 2020, around September 11 to 13, in a small location. In regards to the current world scenario, it is better not to have a large concentration of people.

Their first concert in Mexico City was canceled due to low ticket sales, so this petition is a good way to gauge interest and engage with fans! Add your signature by all means if you will attend the event.

The band recently had to reschedule their Chile and Brazil tour dates due to the coronavirus pandemic. Tours for many musicians all over the world have either been canceled, postponed, or rescheduled and unfortunately, this is only the beginning. We will continue to keep you updated about the current situation as time goes on.

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