DIMLIM has announced that their Chile and Brazil performances on March 28 and 29 respectively have been postponed. The two shows have been rescheduled for September 5 and penciled in for September 6 in regards to the current coronavirus pandemic.

The band published an image on Twitter from the organizers with a statement from Gatoroco and the old date crossed out by Sweet Panda Productions, who also published a statement via Instagram, with a new date of September 6 below it.

Organizers Gatoroco clarifies that the show on September 5 will take place at the same venue at the same time and tickets that have already been purchased will still be valid. Those who cannot attend this new September 5 date and have bought their ticket online can get a refund. Please see the translation of Gatoroco’s statements below.

A new date for the concert will be on Saturday, September 5, 2020, at the same venue (Sala FaqRecord) at the same time, 20:00hrs.

We want to thank the band, who understood the coronavirus to be a global issue and has given us the possibility to immediately reschedule a date when the situation becomes calmer, as well as freedom for them to travel.

We want to apologize again, but the actual situation is out of our hands. This is the option that we and the band agreed on in order to safeguard the health of the band, attendants, and staff. We also understand that not everyone will be able to attend on the new date, so for those who acquired their ticket online and want a refund, they should go to www.passline.com/devoluciones. Remember that the ticket you have already purchased is completely valid for the new scheduled date.

We look forward to your support as fans of the band DIMLIM, and fans of Jmusic in general. See you on the new scheduled and confirmed date.

Meanwhile, Sweet Panda Productions state that there will be no refunds for those who can no longer attend the new September 6 date since the show will still take place, albeit at a later time. However, they have now opened up 50 additional meet and greet slots. Please see the translation of Sweet Panda Productions’ statement below.

Here’s an update on the show.

After announcing that the show will continue, we were surprised by Chilean president, José Piñera’s decision to close the borders.

A few hours ago, the president’s announcement meant that it was no longer viable to host shows in Chilean territory. Here in Brazil, the possibility of closing the country’s border is currently being discussed and there’s also a possibility of a 14 day quarantine for foreigners coming into the country. Therefore, even if our will is to continue as planned, greater forces prevent us from continuing.

We’ve been in contact with the band all day to solve this problem and have found that rescheduling is the best solution for the situation. Therefore, it was decided that the DIMLIM shows in Brazil and Chile will be postponed.

New dates:
05/09/2020 in Chile | 06/09/2020 in Brasil.

Despite all effort by the organizer and the band to maintain the show as planned, some things are stronger than us and that’s why this decision was made.

We need to confirm all dates before making an official announcement. We made this decision as quick as possible to make this show happen, and hope you all can feel satisfied with this outcome.

We will also add another 50 additional Meet&Greet tickets since many expressed that it would be impossible for them to attend the first original date as it was a Sunday, and now that the date is on the eve of a holiday, the possibility is greater.

As for ticketholders, we can not refund as the date of the show is being rescheduled. Airlines around the world are relocating the air tickets at no cost for those flying in to see the performance, therefore will not be refunding since the show will continue to take place.

This is a worldwide pandemic and completely escapes our control.

Please send questions or inquiries via email to sweetpandaproducoes@gmail.com

We’re glad to see that they’ve decided to reschedule the shows rather than canceling them altogether. Have you bought tickets to any shows that have been rescheduled or canceled so far? Let us know in the comments below.

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