DIMLIM has unfortunately announced what should have been their first overseas show is now canceled due to low ticket sales. Back in December 2019, the band scheduled a concert to be held in Mexico City on March 21 organized by Ninshi Conciertos. The organizer was sadly forced to cancel the show as it seems less than 30 people had purchased tickets to see DIMLIM when the concert date is just a month away.

You can read Ninshi Conciertos statement below which we’ve translated:

Dear followers,

We are sad to inform that DIMLIM’s show on March 21 in FORO INDIE ROCKS (ZACATECAS 39 Col. Roma Norte CDMX) is officially cancelled due to the low sale of tickets which makes impossible to hold this show.

The less than 30 people who purchased a ticket will be refunded on February 19 with the following conditions:

– If you bought physical tickets at NINSHI (Tepic #34 Col. Roma Sur) we ask you to attend our facilities and demand a refund. Attend on Wednesday, and/or Friday from 09:00 to 19:00. Please bring your ticket.
– If you bought the ticket online at www.ninshi.net/dimlim we will refund your money automatically starting from Wednesday, February 19, 2020.

We regret what happened but it is impossible to hold this concert due to these circumstances.

Thank you

Some fans were outraged after hearing the announcement as some had even purchased plane tickets to fly to Mexico:

– I even had my plane ticket ready to go. Waste of money.

– Where are you coming from? I’m from Mexico, and the venue is two hours away.

– From California, but I have to go anyways because I can’t cancel the plane tickets…

And others were just about to purchase their tickets:

I was preparing to buy tickets and this happened…

I was going to get mine today!

My plan was to buy one at the end of the month.

Despite the band canceling the Mexico show, they recently revealed more tour dates, thus expanding DIMLIM’s ambitious plan to promote their latest album MISC.. Take a look below to see the remaining shows and get more information via the links:

Date Venue and location Info
March 21
Foro Indie Rocks, Mexico City, Mexico Tickets
March 28 Sala Faq Rocks, San Diego, Chile Tickets
March 29 casa da música, São Paolo, Brazil Tickets
April 26 Glastonberry Club, Moscow, Russia Tickets

More info:
Official Website
Twitter (Retsu) (烈)
Twitter (Hiroshi) (鴻志)
Instagram (Retsu) (烈)
Instagram (Hiroshi) (鴻志)

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