Switching it up for those seeking a more gentle sound when life is already so chaotic, we have a three-piece band that writes dreamlands for listeners to escape to. Lamp conjures up invigorating yet peaceful vibes that slowly warm your soul. Alike the fleeting happiness of stepping on an exceptionally crunchy leaf on a warm autumn afternoon.

Romantic and reminiscent of years gone by, they visually look and sound as though they’ve pulled from the ’70s in a time machine accident. Imagine what your grandparents were listening on a crackling vinyl or radio.

Although unknown over in the west, Lamp has been floating around for almost 20 years, started by the three members, Nagai Yuusuke, Someya Taiyou and Sakakibara Kaori. If you need names, Yuusuke and Kaori are the dreamy vocalists who are to blame for your next daydream.

So far seven albums have been released, with the latest album being Her Watch which you can listen to on Spotify. They have made an effort to tour outside of Japan, but have so far only ventured to parts of Asia, including Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Indonesia—which is probably another reason why you wouldn’t have heard of them until now. Have a listen to their live performance at LIQUIDROOM in Tokyo from their 2018 tour.

If you’re searching for a band for your autumn drive or quiet cafe visit, Lamp is a band for you. It’s unusual for us to write about bands like this, so what did you think of them so far? Let us know in the comments below.

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