RON’s solo-project STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION is finally back in action with a new single Chronos, which is featured as the opening theme song for the anime Shokugeki no Souma: Shin no Sara. Expect to see this release in stores on October 23.

After consecutively releasing music between 2013–2016, STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION activities suddenly started to decline. Although no new releases were published since 2016—about three and a half year—STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION was still somewhat active and even participated in the recent celebration of Lantis Matsuri 2019 with a performance. The new single Chronos has finally been announced and will arrive on October 23, jumping in as the opening theme song for the food anime Shokugeki no Souma: Shin no Sara, the fourth season of the series.

The single Chronos is described as a lively rock song with speed. Judging by the previous releases from STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION, we can expect rock that is fused with electronic elements to generate an energetic and impactful sound.

The new single provides a rock sound with an overflowing feeling of speed!
This is a song which will give the listeners courage to keep going.
Composer RON provides a new piece of work that is full of charm.

In conjunction with the release, STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION will hold a live performance next year on February 16, at Shibuya WWW. And if you get the limited first press edition, you will be able to be one of the first to reserve your ticket to the show using the included application flyer. As this is a rare opportunity, make sure to not miss out if you have to opportunity to attend!

Promotion image for “Chronos” and STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION’s live performance at Shibuya WWW.



  1. Chronos
  2. Yellow
  3. Sprinkle
  4. Chronos (Instrumental)
  5. Yellow (Instrumental)

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More info:
Official Website (VERYGOO)
Official Website (Lantis)

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