Ashmaze. take the next step in promoting their first release and mini-album Sakkaku out on October 16 with a teaser showcasing each song. The band members also went the extra mile by recording commentary for each song to give you more insight into each work.

Ashmaze. - 航(Sakkaku) Teaser

The video partly showcases each song before switching to a band member who introduces the song. Starting with bassist 觓yu (at 1:13), guitarist Shiyu (at 4:08), drummer S1TK (at 6:33), guitarist Ryo (at 9:46), and finally vocalist Souma (at 12:12). Their body language and way of speaking really does illustrate their individual personalities, making it a great start in terms of interacting with their audience.

The first song included in the mini-album, Sakkaku is Kagerou no Sakkaku, was first revealed to us as part of their formation announcement in the form of a sleek and dimly-lit music video. We initially complemented the song on its clean and complex but heavy composition, taking it even further with its use of delay, sharp tones alongside tapping and bass-slapping in the solo.

The next song is Label with its rapid drumming and sharply detached notes in the guitar section, setting a speedy tempo for the entirety of the song. It then continues with Senbou, a song that creates this mysterious and creepy atmosphere from the get-go with its guitars while the bass keeps everything together, especially during the first verse.

This transitions to the almost dirty sounding Giman with its twangy, heavy but straightforward guitars and crazy drumming. There is no doubting that this will surely be the song that fans will absolutely go crazy to, setting hearts on fire in the heat of the moment. Shabon Tama finishes it up with the wah-ing of a guitar, soft melodies, and a song very much suited as the final piece to ending this mini-album.

There is definitely this clarity in vocalist Souma’s voice, preciseness in guitarist Shiyu’s playing, roughness in Ryo’s sound, technicality in 觓yu’s bass, and diversity in S1TK’s drumming.

It doesn’t end there however as the band has also uploaded an instrumental playthrough including guitars, bass, and drums for Kagerou no Sakkaku so definitely check the playlist below!

怒晞准艾桅航 Ryo Guitar Playthrough

Sakkaku (航)


  1. Kagerou no Sakkaku (怒脯准艾桅航)
  2. Label (押)
  3. Senbou (蝢冽)
  4. Giman (甈箇)
  5. Shabon Tama (瑯喟)

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